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Roast of the Day - POrk


Soup Of The Day - Potato and Bacon

Main $14 Seniors $8

Served with garlic bread.




Lemon Dukkah Lamb Leg $36.5

Slow cooked lamb leg in dukkah spices, onion’s, garlic and a lemon dip. Served on mixed roasted sweet potatoes, freshly cooked greens & finished w/ a reduced dukkah jus.


Mexican Beef Nacho Bowl $28

Mexican spiced beef, corn, red capsicum, onion, jalapeno’s & salsa topped w/ crushed corn chips, melted cheese and sour cream served w/ chips and salad.


Chicken & Asparagus Vol au Vents

S: $17.5 M $23.5

Creamy chicken & asparagus Vol au vent served w/ chips & salad.


Black Angus P/House $42 (G/F)

Black angus p/house (300g & cooked to your liking) served w/ your choice of 2 sides: chips, salad, vegetables or creamy mash & sauce.


Sauces: Peppercorn, Mushroom, Gravy, Garlic Butter, Red Wine Jus, Seeded Mustard

Seniors Special


Honey Chicken $19

Beer battered chicken tenders topped with a honey sauce, served with chips and salad.


Chili & Lime Blue Grenadier $19.5

served w/ chips and salad and a side of aioli.


Ham Steak $15

Grilled ham steak, Grilled pineapple & melted cheese

served w/ beer battered chips & salad.


Roasted Pumpkin Quiche $15

Roasted pumpkin, spinach & red onion quiche served w/ chips & salad.


Roasted Veg & Chicken Salad $24

Roasted chicken, pumpkin, sweet potato, red onion, zucchini, red capsicum & beetroot, tossed w/ spinach & rocket finished w/ goats cheese & pesto dressing.


Chicken, Bacon and Potato Salad $26.5

Grilled chicken, bacon, garlic roasted potatoes in a salad of spinach, rocket, red onion and goats cheese, finished with a pesto dressing


Please check out the display fridge at the bar for this weeks cakes



Kids Swamp $8.5

Ice cream, lime jelly, smarties,

lolly snakes/worm/ frog & dinosaur.


Sticky Date $13

Served w/ warm butter scotch sauce.


Mini Pav $8

served with cream and fruit coulis


Churros (6) $13

Served w/ cream, warm chocolate & butterscotch sauce.

Last edit 08/06/2024

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